A coding tool designed specifically for professional coders who work in emergency medicine.

ERcoder Advisor gives you instant access to the knowledge that ERcoder, Inc has accumulated after 20 years of coding ED charts, training ED coders and participating in payer audits. 

ERcoder Advisor not only offers professional coders a faster and more comprehensive alternative to using coding books, ERcoder Advisor is also a live system that is constantly evolving.   As codes, policies or payer interpretations change, ERcoder will update the system so you have the latest available information.

Coding with ERcoder Advisor is like having an expert looking over your shoulder, helping you code faster and smarter, and ensuring accurate coding for your emergency physicians.
  • Costs less than a complete set of coding books, with more information
  • Faster code searches
  • All codes always up to date

What's included?

  • ICD-109-CM codes, ERcoder Advisor provides codes at the highest level of specificity as required for correct coding. If we display it, it is valid to put on a claim form.
    If there are any notes associated with a diagnosis code, this is indicated with a dagger symbol (†). To see the note, just hover your mouse cursor over the code.
  • HCPCS codes with CMS descriptions.
  • CPT codes with AMA descriptions.
  • Medicare reimbursement specific to your state.
  • ERcoder Advisor will ask you for your location when you perform your first CPT search. This is required to give you the Medicare allowable fees for your location. If you code for emergency physicians in multiple areas, you can change the locality with just a click of the mouse.
  • Current RVUs.
  • CMS global periods.
  • To see the Medicare reimbursement fees, RVU's, and global periods, search for a CPT code and hover your mouse cursor over the code (Medicare does not publish reimbursement values for all procedures).
  • Information from CMS NCDs and LCDs.
  • Modifiers as published by the AMA.
  • Place of service codes as defined by CMS.
  • Expert Coding Tips from ERcoder, Inc.

ERcoder Advisor also gives users access to a claim scrubber that will check the assigned codes for any issues that may cause claim delays or denials. Simply list the codes you plan to include on the claim and the scrubber will tell you if your codes are incompatible and identify any bundling issues or modifiers problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
    ERcoder Advisor is a subscription service. The introductory price is $19.95 per month. The monthly subscription fee is billed automatically to your credit card.
  • Can I try it out first?
     There is a 30-day trial subscription period before you are charged your first monthly subscription fee. If you cancel before your trial period ends you will not be charged.
  • Does the claim scrubber cost extra?
    For a limited time, subscribers to ERcoder Advisor will have access to the claim scrubber at no additional fee.
  • How up to date is the data?
    The codes are always based on the current date. Coding tips from ERcoder are constantly updated to ensure you have access to the latest available information.
  • What are the hardware and software requirements?
    A computer with an internet connection and a current internet browser. ERcoder Advisor has been tested with Internet Explorer 5 and later, Firefox and Safari, on Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Do I have to download anything?
    No. ERcoder Advisor is completely web based. You can use ERcoder Advisor from any computer with internet access; at work, at home or on the go with a web enabled mobile device.

Questions? Contact ERcoder, Inc at 405-749-2633 or send us an email.