ED Physician Coding

Whether you’re ready to contract your entire coding operation or simply want to catch up on a backlog or cover a staffing shortage, ERcoder, Inc. will ensure your charts are coded timely and accurately every time.
We know emergency medicine
Accurate coding is an essential part of every successful modern emergency practice, and coding support for emergency departments is the service we’ve built our reputation upon. ERcoder, Inc. was founded specifically to meet the needs of the emergency medicine community, providing short- and long-term coding services for billing services and emergency departments large and small - from major University medical centers to rural hospitals.
Accuracy means peace of mind
Improper or backlogged coding can lead to lost revenue, delayed reimbursement, and liability during a payer audit. At the same time, few hospitals can afford to maintain a designated ED coding staff – or worse, to have ED physicians focusing on coding instead of patients care. That’s why hospitals, billing services and ED physicians trust ERcoder for accurate, auditable and timely coding services that capture the revenue you’ve earned.
We live and breathe coding, so you don’t have to
Staying ahead of procedural and regulatory changes related to physician coding is a full-time job – and not a task your ED team has time for. For us, it’s a non-stop commitment – monitoring industry sources, payer guidelines and regulatory developments on behalf of our clients to ensure our coding practices are up to date and to eliminate coding-related denials.
We tailor our process to your needs
Our clients appreciate the customized approach we take to our service process. Instead of a one-size-fits all workflow, we will establish the process that is least disruptive and most efficient for your emergency department or billing operation – period.
Charts can be securely uploaded through our website, or you can provide us direct access to your EHR system for chart retrieval. Code reports can be directly uploaded to your billing system or made available in the format that suits your internal processes. Bottom line: we adapt to you, not the other way around.
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 “What I like most about ERcoder is that they are accurate and reliable. You know your charts will be coded to maximize your revenue and stand up to any audit scrutiny.”