Emergency Physician Coding & Documentation Workshop

This full-day workshop covers everything coders and physicians need to know about coding and documentation for emergency physician services. The session combines lectures, group work and hands-on chart review that both experienced and new coders will find beneficial. The session includes a 45 minute break for lunch and two short breaks in the morning and afternoon.

E&M Coding
  • History pitfalls and complications
  • Interpret the elements of an HPI
  • Double-dipping: fact or fiction?
  • AO-what does it mean?
  • '95 or '97 exam guidelines
  • Points system vs. NOPP for MDM
  • Using the acuity caveat
Critical Care
  • Which patients are critical
  • What must be documented
  • Coding for procedures and critical care
  • E&M and critical care on the same day
Procedures in the ED
  • What documentation do payers require?
  • Which procedures should or shouldn't be coded
Documentation for diagnostic interpretations
  • X-ray
  • EKG
  • Ultrasound
Other ED-related E&M Services
  • Observation services
  • Urgent care centers
  • In-patient vs. consultation
Teaching Physician Services
  • Attending physician performance requirements
  • Attending physician documentation requirements
  • Service involving students
PA/NP services
  • Attending physician performance requirements
  • Attending physician documentation requirements
  • Procedures involving PA/NP
Course attendees will be able to:
  • Describe the basic rules of coding for E/M and procedures commonly performed in the emergency department.
  • Discuss the issues and impact of documentation guidelines on emergency medicine practice.
  • Identify correct coding application while actually coding an emergency department medical record.
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What others have said about this workshop...
  • "The absolute best review of E&M coding I've ever heard."


  • “I enjoyed the presenter and appreciate the sense of humor in dealing with this sometimes dry, always frustrating topic”


  • “This is a great session for any coder new or experienced”


  • "Great info – clear, concise answers to questions!”


  • "Excellent presentation, interesting speaker, very worthwhile information."



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