Our Mission

Ensuring Accurate Coding for Emergency Physicians

About ERcoder

Unlike generalized coding providers, ERcoder specializes in coding services specifically for emergency physicians. We also offer coding and documentation training for ED coders and physicians and auditing services to identify problems, improve coding accuracy, and optimize reimbursement.

Because of our specialization, we offer exceptional experience and knowledge of relevant best practices and regulatory developments in coding for emergency medicine.

Our clients are assured of accurate, timely, and auditable coding in compliance with fast-changing regulations and payer trends.

Most importantly, your ED staff can stay focused on patient care when we manage your coding.

Our coding team

Our nationwide team of certified clinical coding professionals is among the best in the business. All our coders are U.S.-based and serve hospitals, emergency physicians and billing companies across the Country.

Our coders are known for their deep, specialty-specific experience in emergency medicine, and they meet the highest standards of training and competency in coding. They also continually track regulatory and payer developments to facilitate compliant and trouble-free claims and prompt reimbursements for the emergency departments we serve.

Our leadership

Proud to be a woman-owned business, ERcoder is owned and managed by CEO Denise Ann Kom, who sets the tone for the company’s outstanding customer service and responsiveness. Denise has been responsible for building ERcoder’s team of exceptional coders and a reputation for excellence in service and expertise.

ERcoder founder Todd Thomas directs our coding team and is responsible for the company’s auditing, training and consulting activities. He is a nationally renowned speaker, educator, and author on emergency physician coding topics.

Todd was a founding member of the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Academy of Professional Coder and later President of the OKC Chapter. He has been a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for ED Coding Alert for over 20 years. He has been a popular panelist at the American College of Emergency Physicians Coding and Reimbursement seminars every year since 2000. He is also one of the few non-physician members of the Coding and Nomenclature Advisory Committee for The American College of Emergency Physicians. In 2022 he was awarded an Honorary Membership to the American College of Emergency Physicians for his outstanding service to the specialty of emergency medicine.