ERcoder is hosting virtual training for the 2023 ED E&M Documentation Guidelines.  ED physicians and coders will have the opportunity to participate in live presentations as ERcoder President Todd Thomas explains and demonstrates the new MDM grid and how it applies to emergency medicine.

ED E&M Documentation Highlights for 2023 – Registration Fee $99.00 per person

ED physicians have indicated that they are looking for guidance on what needs to be documented to allow their coding staff to assign E&M codes for their services accurately in 2023.  Instead of learning the coding process step by step, they have said, “just tell me what you need me to document.”

This presentation has been created to address that issue.  This 30-minute presentation will focus on what needs to be documented in the ED records so the coding staff will have the information they need to determine the correct E&M codes in 2023.

This presentation will also include samples of headers and documentation phrases that can be added to your EHR to help the ED physician comply with the 2023 E&M guidelines.

ED Physicians Guide to the 2023 E&M MDM Grid – Registration Fee $200 per person.

This 60-minute presentation will explain the fundamentals of the new coding process so physicians working in the emergency department will be ready for 2023.  It will discuss the individual MDM components and what needs to be documented to assign the E&M code that accurately reflects the service rendered.

This presentation is geared toward ED clinicians but will also provide a valuable overview of the MDM grid for ED coders as well.

ED Coders Workshop – 2023 E&M Coding Guidelines – Registration Fee $300 per person.

This 2-3 hour training session will be a deep dive into the E&M scoring process for 2023.  Coders will be led step by step through the revised MDM scoring and how a dozen pages of guidelines and definitions tie into the bullet points in each MDM component.

While coders are the primary target for this in-depth discussion, clinicians are welcome to participate. They can usually add clinical insight into the conversation that helps everyone have a better understanding of not just the coding but also the clinical thought process that goes into the evaluation of the patient.

Group presentations are available.  Contact us if you would like to schedule a presentation for your ED staff or coding team. 

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